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Kids' Room Furniture

Set up the perfect space for your child with kids' furniture from Sears 

Designing your child's bedroom is always fun, and having the right kids' furniture makes the job even easier. Sears has a wide variety of kids' bedroom furniture, so you can make a space that is comfortable and expresses your little one's personality. Choose from individual pieces or completes sets including matching dressers, beds and side tables that create a cohesive look. With kids' bedding collections featuring bright colors and prints of popular characters, your child will love hopping into bed every night. 

Children's furniture is available in different styles, allowing you to create a unique setup for your little one. When picking kids' furniture for toddlers or young children, consider beds and seating that feature their favorite cartoon characters, princess or superheroes. For older kids and teens, go with options that are a bit more stylish and practical. You'll find everything from neutral tones to colorful hues and patterns to suit any kid's style. 

No matter what design you choose, choose storage solutions and dressers that hide all the clutter. Kids' room furniture like chests and dressers with drawers that can hold everything from clothes and towels to toys and kids' bath supplies. Sears has a large selection of kids' furniture that meet you child's ever-changing interests.