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      Make use of your space with futon beds, and add style with futon covers

      If you don't have enough space for a sofa and a bed in your living space, a futon can serve both functions. This setup is ideal for studio apartments, dorms and guest bedrooms, but can be used in a variety of other capacities as well.

      Kids and teens will revel in having a versatile space in their bedroom where they can sleep and hang out. With a futon frame and mattress set, they can read, watch television and play video games on a couch that transforms into a bed every night. They'll love having their own private living space, and you'll love having the family room to yourself.

      A guest bedroom can benefit from a high-quality futon bed. When you have overnight guests, they may want to have time to themselves. If you have a guest room with a futon, they can relax on the futon couch during the day, whether they're talking on the phone or checking their email. Once you've got a futon, decorate with a stylish futon cover that matches the rest of the decor for a trendy, welcoming guest room. The possibilities are endless with futon frames and mattress sets. At Sears, you can find an all-purpose futon bed to add to your home.


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