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Get an all-in-one couch and bed with a futon

Having enough space for seating and sleeping can be difficult when you have limited room or a few extra guests. A futon will maximize the versatility of your space by giving you two pieces of furniture in one. This is especially helpful for studio or one bedroom apartments so you can get a lot of functionality without needing much extra room. Whether your living space has a sleek and modern look or a cool and rugged aesthetic, you'll be able to find a futon frame to match.

You can choose between futons with or without armrests. A futon with armrests gives you a place to lean or set your phone while watching TV. The armrests also visually define the edges of the futon, giving it a solid look. However, futons without armrests are sometimes more comfortable while lying down. Futons without armrests are perfect if you want to avoid bumping into the armrests while laying down. Similar to a roomy king mattress, a futon without armrests will offer plenty of space for taller people to stretch out.

Chances are you'll be keeping your futon in a place you use to entertain, such as a living room, dorm room or basement. Make the most of that space with the right entertainment furniture. With your futon as a centerpiece for the room, pick up a few bean bag chairs or gaming chairs to add more seating for guests. You can even lay the futon flat to make watching a movie even more comfortable.

If you're looking to replace just the frame on an old futon, Sears has you covered. There are full and queen size replacement futon frames so you can have your futon feeling like new. You can get a simple metal frame for a clean, modern look, or a wooden futon frame for a more classic look. Pair your new frame with some accent tables that will match your overall style. These frames are ready-to-assemble and will only take a few minutes to get ready for your mattress.

Whether you're looking to replace a worn-out frame or need to get entirely new futon, Sears has a great selection that will give you the extra sleep space you need. Stop by and grab the futon that will be as comfortable as it is stylish.


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