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      Living Room Furniture

      Living Room Furniture

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      Home Sale Preview! 
      Home Sale Preview! 

      Create the ultimate movie watching experience with living room furniture at Sears

      The living room is more than just a room where you entertain guests: it's where you practically live when you're at home. The living room or family room is where you and your family gather to watch TV and hang out. Make the experience a good one by buying your living room or family room furniture at Sears. Find comfortable seating, like chairs, recliners, sofas, loveseats and futons, or shop for an entertainment center that can hold your new Panasonic 60-inch Class Viera® 1080p Plasma TV as well as your DVD and other entertainment players. Display your movie collection with entertainment media cabinets.

      What's a living room without a little entertainment? Sear can not only provide you with the best television on the market, but also a TV stand adds style and practicality to your new TV set. Browse TV stands in a variety of finishes and materials that are sturdy enough to hold any size TV. Some TV stands have little shelving, depending on how much you need. Other stands have cabinets and shelving below to hold as many video game consoles, games and DVDs as possible.

      However, if you're an avid movie watcher and movie collector, perhaps you need more shelving for your DVDs. Entertainment cabinets have extra cabinetry and shelf space for all those movies and video games you and your kids are collecting. Some cabinets have doors so you can hide the clutter of all those movie cases, or display them proudly on open shelves. Whichever type of entertainment center you choose, the media furniture it comes with is something everyone will want to have.

      For the ultimate movie experience, set your speakers around the living room. It'll be like you're at the movie theater with the surround sound experience when you set tv speaker stands throughout the living room. Sears has wall mounts for speakers that you can set up subtly around your family or TV room that are sure to provide you with a great listening experience. You'll feel like you're right there in the action.

      So if you're looking for furniture for your living room or for you small space rooms, consider Sears' collection of living room furniture. You'll find futons that can double as seating and a bed, which are perfect for studio apartments or smaller living rooms. Use ottomans as both a coffee table and storage. Choose from recliners and sofas that you can curl up and relax in. No matter what type of furniture you're looking for, shop at Sears today for the best match.