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      Flashlights are portable lighting you keep in your car, garage, and any room in your home

      Flashlights are great for keeping on-hand when you need extra light when working around the house in any dark corners or rooms, where work area lights won't reach or won't be appropriate. Although work area lights can be portable lights, too, flashlights are more lightweight and can be stored all over your house and in your car. Flashlights are meant to be used anywhere: when the lights go out in your home or your car stalls on the side of the road, when you go camping, when you need to see in the attic or when you're plugging in wires behind your television. Work area lights, however, do not have the same versatility. That's why it's important to have at least one flashlight in your home and in your car.

      Sears carries flashlights of every size and power needed. From LED to krypton, incandescent, halogen and fluorescent, Sears has a variety of flashlights to get you through any project or event that needs extra lighting. Flashlights can come in many different sizes, from large flashlights with long handles to small pocket-sized to hand held lanterns. Sears carries flashlights brands that you can trust to last, including Craftsman, Maglite, Dorcy and other brands you trust. You can always use your flashlights when working on a project in the garage, but you'll need an extra set of hands to hold it, and that's why Sears has work lights you can hang or place that will provide a wider range of light, so you'll see more while working.

      While flashlights and work lights are practical lighting equipment to have in your home, you might want small lighting outside. Sears has solar lights to light up your walkway or to have as a decorative figurine outside your front door or in your garden. These solar lights gather has much sunlight during the day and turn on at dusk, providing as much light as it can from the energy absorbed during the day. While you might consider planting flashlights along your pathway to lead guests to the front door, Sears has solar lanterns you can easily install on both sides of the walkway to get a similar and more aesthetically pleasing affect.

      You'll want to be ready in those times of emergency when you don't have power at home or in your car, so prepare yourself by grabbing a flashlight from Sears today.


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