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Carry-on luggage fits all the items you need during the flight

Carry-on luggage helps you tote the items you don't want to check with you on the flight. Sears' selection of carry-on bags come in a variety of sizes so you can fit items like suits or your laptop computer. You don't have to be on your way to the airport to get use out of carry-on baggage. It's also a great way to pack a weekend's worth of clothes, without taking up more space than you need in the trunk.

Carry-on bags come in all different shapes and sizes. Most are wheeled suitcases with a handle so you can easily roll them through an airport terminal or on your walk to work. Some smaller carry-on bags are shoulder bags great for laptops and smaller travel accessories. Whether it's a precious item you don't want to check or electronics you want to use in flight, you can find the perfect bag to tote it all.

Make your next trip easier with new carry-on luggage. Sears has a wide variety of carry-on bags that suit all your needs for any flight.

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