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      Travel in style with suitcase sets from Sears

      Whether you're traveling for business or pleasure, a proper luggage set can make you feel like a world-class traveler. At Sears, you can find sets that include stylish upright luggage in a variety of sizes, so you can match your carry-on case to your checked bags or easily pack the car for a road trip.

      If you're traveling by car, you won't have to worry about luggage restrictions, but you may not need to bring much with you. If you've got a multi-piece luggage set, you can choose exactly which size bag you need for each trip you take, whether you're grabbing a duffel bag for a weekend getaway or a large hard-sided suitcase for a week-long vacation. You can even find sets that include bonus travel cases for your toiletries so everything matches and stores easily.

      You'll love having a complete set of travel gear whether you opt for a small two-piece luggage set or a large suitcase set with five to seven pieces. You'll feel stylish with matching luggage and appreciate the conveniences that new luggage sets have to offer, such as 360-degree wheels, hard-sided suitcases, detachable pieces and more. Head to Sears for the best selection of suitcase sets and other travel necessities.


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