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Luggage & Suitcases

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Take the trip of a lifetime with a new suitcase from Sears

Whether you're heading for a sunny beach vacation or traveling to visit family, having the right suitcase makes a difference. You'll want high-quality gear that can put up with the hustle and bustle of a busy airport and fit all your clothing. Sears has a selection of luggage that's built from sturdy materials so you know it won't fall apart during your trip. Whether you're looking specifically for leather luggage or just want a simple overnight bag, it's easy to find the perfect suitcase.

For families traveling together, parents will appreciate children's luggage items. Sears' selection of luggage for kids makes it easy for your little ones to carry their own clothes and even a few of their favorite stuffed toys with them for the ride. Giving your kids bags to carry teaches them to have responsibility for their own items. So whether you're just taking a quick weekend trip or are on a family getaway, there's a piece of luggage that can accommodate everyone's needs.

Upgrade that old suitcase that's too small and always has trouble rolling at the airport. Traveling is hard enough, so taking the little steps to make it easier, like purchasing new luggage can make it less stressful. You'll find hardside, duffle bags, kids' luggage and more in at Sears.