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Prepare for an unforgettable trip with suitcases and luggage sets from Sears

Whether your next trip takes you to an urban destination for an important business meeting or to a breathtaking beach for a week of relaxation, you will need reliable luggage and suitcases to make sure you are prepared for the journey. Before you set out, make sure you pick up all the luggage you will need at Sears. Choose from carry-ons, briefcases and luggage sets to accommodate your personal belongings. Get travel accessories to make things easier and safer for your trip. We offer durable suitcases that will last you through many future trips and vacations.

When you are packing light, check out our selection of carry-on luggage. We have wheeled models that help you navigate through busy walkways and crowded airports and train stations. These carry-ons contain separated compartments for organizing your business travel items. The small sizes easily fit into overhead storage areas on trains and airplanes. If you are a more casual traveler, check out our supply of rolling duffle bags. Easily expandable to carry nearly every traveler's needs, rolling duffle bags take the work out of navigating long airport corridors and fit neatly into overhead compartments or the trunk of your rental car. The flexible nature of duffle bags and backpacks make them great for camping trips and other outdoor adventures.

To prepare for business trips, pick up laptop cases and bags from Sears. Our padded models protect your electronic devices and contain pockets to store your cords and small devices. Many briefcase models also allow you to organize your work documents with interior compartments. We offer a wide variety of leather, vinyl and fabric materials in numerous colors to suit your style and preference.

Get luggage for the whole family when you shop at Sears. Our luggage sets contain multiple pieces to help you better organize your trips. Pick up suitcases, garment bags and travel bags for all of your personal belongings. We offer different colors and designs to choose from, so it is easier to pick out your luggage from conveyor belts. To make your trip even more complete, browse our numerous travel accessories to ease the hassles of airports and luggage handling. Get combination locks to protect your items from theft. Weigh your suitcases ahead of time with digital luggage scales to prepare you for traveling fees and carry-on requirements. Easily find your belongings with luggage locators that come with keychain remote controls.

Choose the designs and sizes you prefer to have ample storage space for all your items. Prepare for your next trip by getting luggage from Sears. We have what you need for smooth traveling.