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      Enjoy a more restful night's sleep with a spacious queen mattress from Sears

      There are many factors to think about when choosing a new mattress, but one of the first to consider is size. Located between a twin mattress and a king is the incredibly popular queen bed. The queen mattress size measures 60 inches by 80 inches, so it provides ample room for sleepers without taking up too much square footage in your bedroom.

      Queen sets are available with many options. Different types of construction available include innerspring, memory foam and hybrid designs. You also may choose the level of firmness, from ultra plush to ultra firm. Depending on whether you sleep on your back, your side or your stomach, you'll require different mattress qualities. For example, a firm bed might not be the best choice for a side sleeper because it may not allow for proper alignment of your spine. You'll also want to consider your sleeping position when choosing a pillow to determine which option is best for you.

      While all of these factors play into your decision process, in the end selecting a new mattress really comes down to comfort. When you nestle in under your comforter at night, you want the right combination of softness and firmness in your queen-size bed set to help ensure a good night's rest. Find your perfect balance at Sears.


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