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      Find the best twin-size mattresses for any room of your home at Sears

      When little ones outgrow their cribs, many parents opt for a twin-size mattress. This popular piece of bedding is the smallest mattress option and holds a great deal of appeal. The twin mattress size measures about 38 inches by 75 inches so it can fit into rooms with less square footage. While this size is popular for kids, it's also big enough to accommodate most adults. Sears carries a wide variety of styles so you can find a twin-size mattress with the perfect amount of support.

      No matter if you're looking for something with a traditional look or one with a whimsical feel, you can find a wide selection of beds you'll love that will accommodate your mattress and suit your style. Some may require a mattress and box spring, while a mattress alone is sufficient for others. Mattress construction includes innerspring and memory foam so you can select the type of support that works best for you. You'll also find a wide range of firmness levels to provide the perfect sleeping environment.

      No matter which twin-size mattress you choose, you want it to last. You can help keep it safe by using a mattress pad. This helpful accessory provides an extra layer between you and your mattress. It also helps keep it clean and protect it from spills so you can enjoy your mattress for many years to come.


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