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      Find the additional leg room you need with a twin XL mattress from Sears

      If you're looking for length that allows you to stretch out without the width of a queen or king mattress, consider a twin XL mattress. This fantastic option is perfect for children or adults because generous twin XL bed dimensions allow plenty of room to accommodate your child for many years as he grows. Because the 80-inch length is equal to the length of queen and king mattresses, a twin XL bed can comfortably fit most adults as well.

      With many options available for twin XL mattresses you can find the perfect support and comfort combination to provide you with a restful sleep night after night. Choose from innerspring, hybrid and memory foam options as well as multiple levels of firmness. Pillow top and Euro top styles are among other options to consider so you'll feel completely comfortable when you envelope yourself in your comforter at night.

      While regularly rotating your mattress can help prolong its life, mattress pads also play a role in protection. This helpful bedding accessory provides an added layer between you and your twin XL mattress to help keep it clean and dry so you can enjoy its comfort for many years to come.


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