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      Give your mattress the protection it deserves with a box spring from Sears

      When you decide to purchase a new bed you want it to last. However, if you sleep on a mattress without a box spring, you may be shortening its lifespan. Sears can help you find the perfect box spring to complement any size mattress and prolong its life.

      Mattress foundations serve multiple purposes. In addition to raising the height of your bed to help make it easier to get in and out of, box springs provide much-needed support for your mattress. They absorb some of the shock to help keep the mattresses looking and feeling newer. They also provide a level surface for your mattress. While some bed frames may not require a box spring, it's a good idea to incorporate one whenever possible.

      While box springs do an amazing job providing support night after night, they often don't add a lot to the decor of a room. Luckily choosing stylish bedding with a coordinating bed skirt can help dress up a bed foundation and also can help keep dirt and debris from getting under your bed and into your mattress foundation. This, in turn, can save you some time with cleaning and can save you money as well. When you think about it, a box spring is something you can't do without.


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