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Chair Mats

When you're furniture shopping for a home office, it's sometimes too easy to forget about what's literally right underneath your feet! As you roll the chair back and forth under your desk, the chair's rollers can easily damage your carpet, so make sure to protect it with tough floor mats from Sears. Our office chair floor mats are studded on the bottom for good traction, and slick on the top for smooth rolling. Put a new floor mat underneath your desk chairs, home office desks and living room furniture to prevent unsightly indentations in your carpets.

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Protect your flooring from heavy furniture imprints with chair mats from Sears

Chair floor mats are primarily used to keep the rollers of office chairs from wearing grooves into the carpet, but they can also be used to prevent floor damage from other furniture, which is why you should also place floor mats underneath non-moving items. Every piece of furniture in your home office collection, from your bookshelf to your desks, could use one or more chair floor mats underneath it to spread the weight over a wider area of floor.

Floor mats are not just limited to the home office; they can certainly be useful in other rooms as well. Living rooms tend to contain the heaviest furniture of any room in the house, and the evidence is easy to see when you are rearranging the room to suit your tastes. Entertainment centers are usually loaded down with the weight of the TV, DVD players and gaming systems, while sofas and recliners contain heavy metal internals that increase overall weight. Deep ruts in living room carpets are almost impossible to remove, so prevent them by placing a floor mat underneath your heavy sofas, loveseats and>entertainment furniture.

Don't make the mistake of thinking that a tile, wood or linoleum floor is immune to damage; long-term use can cause even hard flooring materials to scratch, chip, crack or splinter. Sears carries floor mats designed especially for hard floors which have suction cups on the bottom instead of sharp studs. You can protect you hard floors and match your decor as well with floor mats printed with decorative designs like wood or bamboo grain. For kitchen or bathroom tile, put down a Kempfe Doormat in front of the sink or shower to protect high-traffic areas from wear and tear. For a kid's bedroom with hardwood floor, bring home an ES Robbins Zebra Design Series mat in a fun and colorful animal print.

From carpet to tile, flooring is an expensive investment, and Sears is here to help you protect it with chair floor mats. Whether you go for plain plastic, fun graphic prints or classic homey wood grain and wicker designs, rest assured that your flooring is well protected. Browse our collection of chair mats today.


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