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      Many people still value old vinyl records, which have a unique sound quality and charm. Turntables allow you to enjoy your old records, and they also still play an integral part in modern DJ sound systems. Sears has a wide selection of quality turntables for both record enthusiasts and DJs. We also carry a full selection of related equipment, including high tech speakers and microphones. You can listen to both your records and CDs with one of our combination systems. Sears carries top turntable brands including Crosley Radio, Pro-Ject and MCM.

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      Listen to your records with turntables from Sears

      If you have a vinyl record collection, then listen to your favorite classic songs with turntables from Sears. We have a full inventory of name brand turntables from Crosley and Jensen with additional features such as AM-FM radio and MP3 encoding. Some of our turntables have CD burners for recording your vinyl records to CD format. In addition to classic home turntables, we have retro and modern DJ turntables with three speeds and USB support. Whether you want a classic vinyl stereo system or a turntable for live performances, get the electronics you need at Sears.

      Set up the vintage-style Pyle Classical turntable in your room. It has an AM-FM radio, and it supports CDs, cassette tapes and MP3 player connections. Like our portable DVD players, you can place a Studebaker wooden turntable in any room. Our Electrophone Wellington 4-in-1 turntable adds an aesthetic appeal in your den or music room, and the Jensen turntable stereo system fits conveniently on a desk or a bookshelf in your room. Invest in the Crosley Spinneratte turntable, which comes in a carrying case for easy portability anywhere you go.

      Many of our home turntables have built-in speakers, so you don't need to connect the units to audio receivers in your home theater. Much like our TEAC and Pioneer component CD players, Crosley and Jensen feature turntables with CD support. While you can invest in a CD player and a stereo receiver separately for your home theater room, a Jensen JTA980 turntable offers support for both CDs and AM-FM stereo, and it even lets you play your cassette tapes all in the same unit.

      Because our turntables support so many formats, each unit comes with separate line inputs and outputs for connecting the player to another system or for accepting a signal from other electronics. As an example, you can route a TV karaoke machine into the line input of the turntable and listen to the music through the turntable's speakers. Although many of our karaoke machines have built-in speakers, it shows you the power and versatility of a turntable from Sears. With a USB-capable turntable, you can connect the unit to your computer, record your vinyl records to MP3 format and then transfer the songs to your iPod.

      Listen to your classic vinyl collection when you invest in turntables from Sears. Watch your DVDs on the go with a portable DVD player, and connect a component CD player to your home entertainment system to hear your CDs over the surround sound speakers. Shop online at Sears for the largest selection of affordable home theater equipment and turntables for your home.


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