How kettlebells can enhance your workout

You have likely heard the saying that rotating and replacing your car's tires every so often helps it to drive smoother and wear down less quickly. The same is true of your workouts; the more you mix them up and introduce new tools, the more your body will respond to stay fit. Muscles, like the rest of you, get bored from time to time and need a little freshening up to keep the rhythm going. When you hit a wall in your fitness plan, try introducing a kettlebell to mix up the routine.

Kettlebells consist of a ball weight hanging from a stationary handle. Thus, the weight's center of gravity hangs out away from the body. Some kettlebells do come with swivel handles for use by experienced lifters. The Swivel handles can be tricky, especially when doing presses or momentum-based workouts. Many people find that a kettlebell is actually harder to lift than a regular dumbbell because the displaced weight changes the momentum of the lift. This can help people who really want to work on form and stabilizer muscles since there is a new variable in the workout.

Cardio and strength

For those people who don't have the time to do both cardio exercise and strength training, the kettlebell can help. While nothing can replace a complete workout routine, a kettlebell can at least help simulate an entire body cardio and strength workout. Lighter weight kettlebells can be used as part of a cardio routine by swinging the weights around in controlled movements. Windmills, full body lunges and squat/press combinations are great ways to get the whole body moving with kettlebells. And if you have mastered the infamous burpee, then the kettlebell can present a whole new challenge to keep you on your toes.

For those who want to work on explosive strength, kettlebells can also help. Since the placement of the weight is away from the bottom, you must stop your arm and the momentum as you run through your repetitions. This can be very effective when done with proper form. While kettlebells are great for fast workouts, this is an advanced way to use the tool, and should only be done by people who have perfected form and are already very fit. For those who are just starting, slow and controlled movements are best. You will still build plenty of strength while perfecting form. Plus, you will build up endurance and stabilizer muscles in the process.

The kettlebell is a great tool if you would like to change up your fitness routine and breathe new life into your workout. Come to Sears to find kettlebells and other innovative fitness tools that will keep your workouts fresh and fun!

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