How to choose between an electric and gas compressor

When it comes to any tool, power is the big question. How will you give your tool energy? Will your tool be portable? What will it cost to maintain that power? These questions are all great questions that will help you decide exactly what you need. In the case of an air compressor, you may be making this decision for multiple tools, since air compressors are versatile and power a great variety of items. Inevitably, the question becomes a decision between gas-powered air compressors and electric.

Gas air compressors

Gas compressors offer several benefits to the handyman. First of all, a gas air compressor is far more portable than an electric one, since you are not dependent on an electrical outlet or tied down by a cord. This can be handy if you are working on several projects spaced out over a large property or you are just working in a large space and you don't want to trip over electrical cords. Additionally, you don't have to rely on the electrical grid, which means you can run your tools even when the power goes out.

A gas-powered air compressor is generally more durable than electric if you maintain it properly. Though gas compressors tend to be more expensive and noisier than their electric counterparts, many people prefer them because they run consistently and apply an even pressure every time you use them.

Electric air compressors

You probably already have a lot of electric tools in your tool box, so you are likely no stranger to the ups and downs of electric equipment. Compressors are no exception to this experience. Electric compressors are simple to use and maintain. You don't have to worry about refilling the gas tank since all you have to do is plug it in. Many electric compressors also have an auto start and stop switch that automatically starts up your compressor when your tank gets low, so you don't have to wait until you are out of air before a refill. Your compressor may also have an auto shut-off that will help you save energy when there are no tools in use.

Electric compressors with auto start and stop programs are very economical and can cost very little to operate. If you are keen on saving energy costs, this is the way to go for you. Plus, electric compressors typically run a little bit more quietly than their gas-powered friends. What electric compressors have in savings they lack in portability; you will be tied down to your nearest outlet, but you can extend the range of your compressor if you invest in a good extension cord.

With a wide variety of compressor models and styles available, Sears can help you select the perfect compressor for your workshop. Whether it is gas or electric, you are sure to take home something you will love.

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