How to choose the right portable air compressor for you

Air compressors are affordable and handy tools that have many uses both inside the home and at the workshop. You can use your air compressor to inflate your car tires, blow up a mattress on a family camping trip, run your entire tool collection, make snow or clean off the back porch. With so many possibilities, it is no wonder that you want to purchase one of your own. There are many different styles of portable air compressors, and you will have to choose the one you like best based on your needs.

When it comes to air compressors, portable can have several different meanings. For some people, portable means that you can roll it around on wheels. For other people looking for an air compressor, portable means that you can easily carry it with one hand. If you just want a compressor to inflate tires and air mattresses, then you are likely thinking of the one-handed variety. These portable air compressors, often simply called inflators, are great low-power models that feed air through the hose as it is compressed. There is no tank attached to the device, which is part of what makes it so lightweight. However, the absence of a tank does mean that your inflator will have to run constantly in order to maintain air pressure.

Power vs. portability

If you are looking for something that can manage an air wrench or pneumatic nail gun, then you will want a portable compressor that has a tank attached. These come in a couple of different varieties. The first is a highly compact pancake compressor. These are small and very portable, but don't always have a lot of power. You can probably use a pancake compressor for simple household projects, but it won't hold up to the rigors of serious construction. For that, you are better off with a strong gas-powered twin tank model. With two tanks, the compressor can deliver air at a stronger power, which means you will be able to get the torque you need for mechanic's projects and the juice you require for heavy-duty renovation needs. Plus, the tanks mean that your compressor won't have to run constantly, just when the banks need to be refilled.

If you need a lot of power and capacity, then you might want to consider a compressor with a larger tank that rolls on wheels. While this may not be your first idea of the most portable compressor out there, you will be able to get better results for longer with the larger capacity and power output. These tanks are usually used by professionals and tradesman who want to get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Whatever style of compressor you choose, be sure to consult portable air compressor reviews before you buy. You will get a good idea of quality, value and durability from these reviews. Then, start looking around at Sears, where you will find a fantastic selection of portable air compressors suitable for any project.

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