How to disguise your full-array LED TV

There is an array (LED, LCD and plasma) of televisions on the market and they come in a variety of sizes. Whereas the measurements are based on inches, when decorating you usually just consider them a monstrous intrusion on your decor. So how do you plan a room when you don't want the TV to be the focal point? Here are a few ideas.

Watching a full-array, backlit LED TV has its perks, such as better contrast and lower energy use. You enjoy your favorite shows more with full-array LED backlighting that produces blacker blacks, but you don't enjoy it being the center of attention when you're not watching it. No problem. If it's mounted on the wall, set it off center and surround it with framed black and white photos or paintings of different sizes. When it's off, the black screen LED "reads" to your eyes as one of the photos or paintings in the grouping.

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With a wall full of built-in bookshelves, mount your LED. With books surrounding it, eyes will be drawn to more than one object, making the TV less of a focal point. The same holds true with one other decorating trick. If your TV is a full-array LED, backlight or put a mini spotlight on special collectibles on nearby shelves. If you have a wall of windows, place your TV on a stand. Surrounded by grass, trees, flowers and wildlife, your guests will notice your garden and not a 42-inch TV screen and Blu-ray player. Televisions are black or black and silver. If you use a monochromatic palette of various grays and silvers, and place a painting in a vibrant color on a wall opposite the TV, guests will be drawn to the artwork. Mounting a TV above a fireplace is a great idea. When the TV's off, the flickering flames of the fire will be the focal point. A TV that's turned off will fade into a dark wall, so consider painting the wall you mount the TV on a dark

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There's also a more direct option: cover it up. The key is to make the door or doors you use to cover it blend in with your architecture and design. For example, if you have a log cabin, create doors out of an old barn door. Modern more your style? Slide a silver metal panel in front of the TV when it's not in use. With the cottage look, build white cabinetry around the TV and hide it behind a white paneled door. You can put the TV in a lift cabinet; use a remote to pop it up when you're ready to watch it.

With just a little planning and work, you can have any size of TV you want and keep it from being the focal point of a room's décor when you're not watching it.

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