How to find great perfume for women

perfume for women

Perfume shopping is often relegated to the perfume counter on a whim as you are browsing a department store for other items. After sniffing a few test strips, you take home a bottle and then realize a few days later that it is totally not your scent. How can this be?  Well, even the best perfumes don't smell great on everyone. The trick is to search for fragrances by type and using your own skin as a test strip. This means, of course, that you won't be able to sample all of your fragrances in one day. Try several over time to get a feel for the notes that set your senses tingling. Read perfume reviews to find out what different blends make up each fragrance. Then, start your search based on what you know.

Many celebrities and designers now offer lines of specially handpicked scents. While it may seem silly, many a woman will start the perfume search based on an ad she saw on television or in a magazine. This isn't a bad place to start, especially since many celebrities and designers offer scents from all corners. With introductory pricing and beautifully designed packaging, these scents can be the whole deal. Likewise, many favorite beauty companies such as Clinique, Revlon and Mary Kay offer special fragrance lines as well. Starting with a name you know can be a great way to test some samples.

When testing samples of perfumes for women, make sure to take a break between sniffing. After a few scents, your nose will be overloaded and will stop registering the scents correctly. You can come back another day, or you can take a whiff of some coffee beans to help cleanse the palate. Make sure to apply scents to your skin and then wait a minute for the alcohol to evaporate. Then you will be able to smell how the fragrance is reacting with your skin. Once you find a few scents you like, find out what type of fragrances are working for you. Once you know this, you will be able to approach your perfume counter with confidence knowing which fragrance categories work best for you.

Perfumes that send a message

For women, perfume selection is about more than just smelling good; it is about sending others a message. Your fragrance tells the world who you are and what you want out of life, as well as possibly attracting members of the opposite sex. Just as you want sleepwear that fits you to a "t," so should your fragrance be a reflection of you. The different categories on the fragrance wheel can help you achieve these goals. For something romantic, try a floral scent infused with petals from roses, gardenia, orange blossoms or jasmine. For a more crisp scent, choose a citrus blend that includes orange or lime. A fruity apple, peach or passionfruit blend can be very appetizing. A mysterious woman might choose an oriental blend featuring musky scents like amber and spices. Gourmand scents like vanilla, cumin and curry are great for the epicurean. A synthetic oceanic or aqua scent will appeal to the girl who wants to smell like she stepped straight out of the ocean. And more adventuresome women may want to try categories that are typically favored in men's fragrances, such as wood, leather, chypre and fougere.

Whatever scent you prefer, careful selection will help you take home a fragrance that will stick with you for years to come. Visit the perfume counter at Sears to start testing and find out which fragrance is right for you!

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