How to find the right socket wrench for you

If you are in the middle of a project that involves a lot of screwing and unscrewing bolts (such as installing hot tubs), then you probably want a ratchet socket wrench. This type of wrench can help you work bolts with ease and do it in half the time. Basically, a ratchet wrench automatically grips the bolt for you with each turn so that you don't have to move and replace the wrench each time you want to give the bolt another twist. Most socket wrenches come in two parts; the head and the handle. The head of the socket wrench can usually be switched out so that you can have an exact fit to your bolt, ensuring that you will be able to move it without stripping it.

With socket wrenches, the cheap option is usually not the best option. You see, socket wrenches operate using pins, which are like little teeth that help you grab your bolt. They are also the part of the wrench that makes that little clicking sound when you turn the wrench. The number of pins inside your wrench will determine how effective your wrench will be in tight spaces. If you have a small opening, you will probably already know to buy a small socket wrench, but you also need to check the number of pins to make sure that you won't be ratcheting for forever; if you can only turn your wrench three inches, then you will need a ratchet with a lot of pins so you can make the most of those three inches.

Other features

Once you have your desired number of pins, then you can move on to other features. The handle of your ratchet wrench can make a big difference if you are doing a lot of work with bolts. Some come with metal handles, which will not be comfortable with repeated use. Others come with cushioned handles, which are a lot better. The best ratchet wrenches come with ergonomic handles that help work with your body mechanics instead of against them. You can also buy a ratchet wrench with a handle that pivots, so that you can ratchet from even the most impossible angles. What type of handle you choose will depending entirely on your specific project and personal preferences.

Different socket wrench heads can also make a big difference. Your best bet is to buy a socket wrench set that has heads of varying sizes so that you always have the head size you need. Be aware that you will probably need a metric and an English head set, since different manufacturers will use the different systems of measurement. If you need to jump from one bolt to the next, you might consider purchasing a universal head that will fit several different types of bolts at once. These cost a little more, but can be a big help when you are short on time.

Sears can help you find a great socket wrench that will get your project moving faster in no time. Whether you just want a simple tool or something that would make a mechanic proud, you are sure to find exactly what you need.

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