How to keep on top of your pruning with pole saws and more

If you are looking to save a little money on yard maintenance, you may consider doing some of this year's pruning yourself. After all, the tools are fairly easy to use and online tutorials are just a click away. Before you start pruning, you will want to know what kind of tools are available so you can make sure to have the right tools handy when you get started.

You probably already have basic hand pruning tools like hedge trimmers and shears sitting in your tool shed or garage. These items are a great start, especially if you have a lot of low-lying growth, such as hedges and bushes. Hand tools give you a great deal of control over your pruning so that you don't cut too much. Plus, hand tools also give you more control over shaping your garden. In addition to garden tools, you can also purchase tree pruners that operate with the use of your hand. These are basically shears on a stick that you can guide up into your tree and clip off branches by squeezing a trigger or pulling a string. If you only have a little bit of trimming to do, this type of pruning device is an excellent economical choice.

More power

However, hand tools can be a lot of work if you are dealing with a great deal of growth or you are short on time. Electric and gas pole trimmers or pole saws are a great way to get your pruning done quickly. Essentially, a pole saw is a tiny chainsaw mounted on the end of a stick. You get the power of a chainsaw and the reach of a pole without too much extra exertion.

The power source for your pole saw will determine the power of the saw as well as the weight and manageability. If you will just be doing work in your front yard, you may prefer an electric pole saw. They are lightweight and require very little maintenance, but you are tied to an outlet, which means that you won't be able to go far without a long extension cord. Cordless options give you the freedom to move around. A battery-operated pole saw is good for quick, light jobs that are far away from an electrical outlet. Of course, the battery won't give as much juice as a direct power source, and it is heavier than a pole without the power source attached. Alternatively, you could choose a gas-powered pole saw, which can handle heavy-duty jobs without being tied to a power source. Gas motors do require some maintenance and can be noisy, but they will get the job done no matter where you are.

With Sears at your side, you can find the perfect lawn care tools. Check out a variety of lawn tool devices, from simple pruning shears to gas-powered pole saws, so you can get your yard beautiful in time for the good weather!

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