How to use a chain saw sharpener to keep your blades fresh

When you buy your chainsaw, you might know that with a little maintenance it will chop logs for years. Regular maintenance does extend the life of a chainsaw, but regular sharpening of the blades will help ensure that your chainsaw makes smooth cuts every time. Unlike many lawn mower blades, chainsaw blades don't self-sharpen. Traditionally, chainsaw blades are sharpened by hand with special chainsaw sharpening tools. However, you can now buy a tabletop chainsaw blade sharpener, which can do the same job in a fraction of the time. Choosing the right sharpening method will depend on what will suit your needs.

In the field

If you take your chainsaw into the woods or onto a job site, you may not have easy access to electrical outlets or even a table upon which to mount an electric sharpener. In this case, you will need to do your chainsaw sharpening by hand. To do this, you will need a few supplies: chainsaw sharpeners (also known as round files), a filing guide, depth gauge guides and a stump vise. This may seem like a lot of tools, but is really not that bad. The vise holds your bar in place so you can keep the chainsaw steady while you work. The file, or chainsaw chain sharpener, files your blades down with the help of your filing guide. Remember, as you file down the blade, you will want to make sure that the depth of your cut stays the same, which is what the depth guide is for. You will be able to file the rakers down to maintain the current cut you are getting with your chainsaw.

Many dremels or battery-operated hand tools also come with a chainsaw blade sharpening attachment. Used with a file guide, these can also sharpen your blades on the go. Just remember to keep the batteries fresh or you could be in a bind!

In the garage

If you are keeping your chainsaw close to home, then you may just be able to file it down in the garage. You can choose between an electric dremel sharpener, which will require some hand work, or you can purchase a tabletop chainsaw sharpener. The hand tool takes up very little space and gets the job done quickly. If you prefer not to do any hand work, you can invest in a good bench-mounted sharpener, which pretty much does the entire job for you. You will have less control with a larger sharpener but if you are just looking for something that keeps your chainsaw in working order, it should do the trick.

No matter what sharpening method you use, you will eventually have to replace your chain blade. Be sure to follow manufacturer's recommendations for sharpening and replacement so you can get the most out of your chainsaw.

Sharpening a chainsaw is a breeze with Sears. Let us help you find the right tools, files and gauges to get the perfect sharpness every time.

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