Should you Pop your Collar: How to Wear a Polo Shirt

Some boys and young men have a collection of polo shirts, like they do tshirts, but what they might not know is there are more ways than one to wear them. These casual yet somewhat dressy shirts can be dressed up or dressed down depending on how guys utilize layering. It all has to do with presentation, and there are several ways to wear a polo shirt that will be sure to make a great impression. Polo shirts tend to be more fitted and dressier than tshirts and offer more versatility; you can wear a polo shirt for most occasions and any time of year. Avoid looking like a "bro" at school and try one of these ways to wear a polo shirt today. 

How to wear a polo shirt to a casual school setting

When wearing a polo shirt with jeans, go for an untucked look. You'll look more relaxed when your shirt is sitting over your pants and hitting you right around the waistline. Since polo shirts are usually more fitting, your jeans should be too; wear your polo shirt with a pair of straight leg jeans for a clean appearance. Dark wash jeans are recommended for bright or light colored polo shirts, while lighter jeans are recommended for darker colored shirts. When wearing a polo shirt with casual cargo shorts or plaid shorts, feel free to leave your shirt untucked, as well, since shorts already set a more relaxed tone and impression. 

How to wear a polo shirt with a school uniform

Depending on the school you send your child, there may be a school uniform. Some schools require button-down shirts, while other schools allow polo shirts as an alternative. When shopping for school uniform polo shirts, there may be a color-code requirement. While some schools may require polo shirts to be of school colors, white or light blue are two safe choices when it comes to school uniform polo shirts. Keep your child's closet stocked with enough white or colored polo shirts in either long or short sleeves to last them through the week. How you wear a polo shirt with pleated khakis or dress pants is different than how you would wear them with jeans. With any sort of dress pants or pressed shorts, tucking in your polo shirt shows that you've invested time into your appearance and follows dress codes in schools with uniforms.

There are several things guys and girls should keep in mind when wearing polo shirts, regardless of age. Polo shirts should not be too tight that they hug every curve of your chest or make you look like you're sucking in your stomach. When wearing a polo shirt, it's important that they sit comfortably. There are fitted or slim polo shirts, but make sure you get them in the right sizes. Sleeve ring shirts should also fit comfortably around your arms. Similarly, polo shirts should not be too long either. When they're too long, polo shirts can look baggy and oversized. Polo shirts should be long enough so you can tuck in without it bunching; ideally, polo shirts should hit guys at their hips.

However, if you're looking to break away from the uniform look or what to try something new, considering layering with polo shirts. Layering is an essential part to wearing a polo, short or long sleeved, to school or out with friends. Wear a cardigan or blazer with your polo and jeans for a fresh clean, but not necessarily preppy, look; pull the collar out over the cardigan or blazer. If you want to layer under, try a white tshirt or a long-sleeve shirt under your polo for a sporty look. Whatever way you choose to wear a polo shirt to school, uniform or otherwise, just know you can do more than wear a polo shirt by itself. You can wear a polo shirt for a presentation at school or when hanging out with friends on the weekend. Besides, there's no rule that says you can't wear a polo shirt when you're having fun.

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