Express Yourself: How to Wear Graphic Tshirts for Guys and Girls

Kids, teens and college students alike have them in multiples: graphic tshirts or tshirts with slogans and sayings. Just how are you supposed to wear these graphic tshirts and utilize them in your everyday wardrobe? Whether you have the latest graphic tshirt designs or picked up several free tshirts from sports games, you want to be able to wear them as part of your wardrobe. Graphic tshirts are a great way to get ready for back-to-school, especially when you know how to wear them. Go beyond pairing graphic tshirts plainly over a pair of jeans or shorts; learn how you can class up every day graphic tshirts for school.

Whether you're a guy or a girl, there's a general consensus that graphic tshirts are the hardest to wear and to buy. Some believe that catchy phrases and slogans should be avoided, as should sports team tshirts (or, if purchased, should only be worn on game days); however, vintage tshirts and tshirts with unique designs or basic images are timeless. This doesn't mean you should empty out your dresser drawer because they're filled with all different types of graphic tshirts; when you know how to utilize and dress up these shirts, you'll know how to wear graphic tshirts to school or to any other occasion.

How girls can wear graphic tshirts

Girls and juniors alike collect graphic tshirts that have their favorite animal or cartoon character decorating them and in bright colors. However, it can be redundant to wear graphic tees with shorts or pants. Try a new look and dress them up with a skirt for a more feminine look or with high-waist shorts for a retro feel. When you wear a graphic tshirt with a bodycon skirt, a maxi skirt or an A-line skirt, the trick is to completely tuck the tshirt or to just tuck in the front. Girls' tshirts are usually fitted or slightly relaxed; these are the ones that usually best tucked in. You'll be able to dress up any graphic tee you have.

The key to any girls' or juniors' outfit it to accessorize. Whether it's with belts, shoes or jewelry, the accessories can help make or break the level of class to an outfit. If, for example, you choose to wear a graphic tshirt of Marilyn Monroe or a graphic heart, pair it with a bodycon skirt and a statement necklace. You'll look fashion-forward with this rocking look.  If you want to pull a country rocker look, match your t-shirt with a brown or leather belt, beaded bangle bracelets and cowboy boots; classic and simple. The possibilities are endless and both juniors and young girls can enjoy the power of a good accessory. 

How guys can wear graphic tshirts

Tshirts are a wardrobe staple in guys' closets; you won't meet a guy that doesn't own at least one tshirt, graphic or not. Guys have more plain, striped or graphic tshirts than they know what to do with and usually wear them with regular blue jeans. However, young men and boys can dress up their graphic tees too. There are dozens of ways guys can wear graphic t-shirts. It's recommended that guys stick the abstract patterns and images so he can get the most use out of it. With a nice pair of corduroys or colored jeans, wear a blazer over a graphic tee for a classy but casual look. Slim fitted jeans with your vintage graphic tees give boys a sporty look. Tuck in the front of your tshirt so it doesn't hang loose over your clothes and look baggy. You don't want to make the wrong impression on the first day of school. Throw on a hoodie or vest for a layered look, which is also in this back-to-school fall season.

Tshirts and graphic tshirts are universally appealing because you can show off your own personality and quirkiness through the text and images displayed. They're low in cost and there are a number of ways on how to wear graphic tshirts to school. Take a look at the tshirts you've collected over the years and what you can wear them with. Girls will love accessorizing and revitalizing their bright, fitted tshirts, while guys will try a classy look with different types of pants. Tucking in tshirts is the trick to looking put-together, which is exactly how to look when you're headed back-to-school.

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