How to work out on a treadmill: running, walking and lunging to a better body

How to work out on a treadmill: running, walking and lunging to a better body

Most people associate treadmills with an image of a picture-perfect girl in a ponytail running away the calories. While treadmills are often a runner's preferred indoor workout tool, they can be used for a variety of workout options for people of all experiences, training levels and preferences. Whether you are running or walking, a few basic styles of workouts will help you keep variety and improve your overall fitness.


You don?t have to run a marathon to work on your endurance skills. However, long, slow workouts teach your body to maintain a pace for long periods of time, which helps to lower your heart rate and stretch those muscles. While a treadmill endurance workout is bound to be longer than your regular strenuous workouts, it can be a great way to have a little ?me? moment, especially if you spend a lot of time in a high-stress job or around rambunctious children. Since you are moving at a steady pace, you will be able to read a favorite magazine or book while you are walking or running; treadmills typically have a little shelf designed to help hold the literature up while you work out.


A tempo workout is more strenuous than an endurance workout, but whether you are using your treadmill for running or walking, you can up the intensity with ease. If you know your fastest pace per mile, you can simply program the treadmill to run at a pace about a minute to a minute and a half slower than that pace. Walk or run for about two to three times the distance that you normally race. This trains you to maintain a steady pace over time, while working your heart at a strenuous pace. While you are doing a tempo workout, it can be helpful to use an upbeat playlist on your mp3 player, or watch a favorite movie or television show to pass the time.


An interval workout allows you to mix up the speeds and keeps your body guessing, which will strengthen muscle memory and cardiovascular fitness. To do this type of run or walk on a treadmill, you can vary the speed or the incline. Either variation will increase the intensity and make your body work harder. Maintain increased intensity for a chosen length of time, and then take a short rest and slow down to catch your breath. After your short rest, increase the intensity again for another interval. Most people choose to do intense intervals for one to four minutes in length, with one to four minutes of rest between each interval. What you choose to do is up to you. One easy way to do an interval treadmill run or walk is to work out along with your playlist. Run harder for a song, then relax for a song, and repeat. Other people like to do interval workouts to a favorite TV show; run the interval while the show is on and relax during the commercial break. You can also allow the treadmill to program the intervals for them and just continue running or walking as the treadmill varies the incline or speed.

Other exercises

Some people like to warm up or cool down using variations on running or walking, like knee raises, lunges and kicks. Run your treadmill on a slower setting so that you can perform these exercises using the proper form. You will build strength and agility while giving your muscles time to warm up for a more intense workout.

When it comes to walking or running, treadmills can provide a versatile and satisfying workout that will make you feel like you really deserve a soak in your hot tub. If you are looking for a treadmill that will help you create fun and variable workouts, then look no further than Sears. With a wide variety of great treadmills available, you are sure to find something you will love.

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