Inexpensive Cordless Drills: Seriously Affordable Power

There you were, next to your dad, peering over the edge of his workbench. He had such a wide variety of unexplained tools:  hammers that made wonderful sounds, saws that left dust all over the place and, of course, the power drill. He'd plug that baby in and make holes of all sizes with each hole being more perfect than the last.

When he wasn't looking you'd try to pick it up- "try" being the operative word. Heavy?  You betcha!

The traditional power drill with the short cord and heavy body was a man's tool, yet it seemed overkill when hanging a picture or driving a quick screw. Welcome to the age of the cordless drill.

A cheap cordless drill quickly took the place of the mammoth power drill. With rechargeable batteries, the extension cord problem was eliminated. With countless, easy to change drill and screwdriver bits, a variety of projects could be handled quickly and effortlessly.

So you want to pick out a dependable but low-cost cordless drill?  Where do you begin?  What options or accessories should you consider before picking out your latest tool treasure?


Where speed is concerned, most cordless drills have two basic settings, with speeds in between. The lower settings, used for driving screws, usually come with a variety of slower speeds allowing you greater control. Higher speeds are suitable for drilling, adjustable for the size of the project.


While having a rechargeable battery sets this tool apart from your dad's drill, we are human. We may forget to plug the charger in after use or simply use it longer than the charge will hold. Your choice between Li-Ion, Ni-Cad or Ni-MH batteries should be evaluated based on how long the battery will last during the project (run time) and how many times the battery can be charged during its life (life cycle).

Run time can be determined by the type of material normally involved in the project; the more difficult the job, the shorter the run time. The life cycle determines how quickly the battery discharges, reducing its life capacity.

Don't forget to check on the recharge time on your battery. Wasting precious work time waiting on a charger can be frustrating.


To get the best cheap cordless drill at the best possible price, first determine your use. The more demand on your cordless drill, the higher price you'll need to consider paying. If you're a weekend do-it-yourselfer hanging the family pictures on the wall or drilling small holes in the bottom of a flower planter, a less-expensive, less-powerful choice may be right for you.


Accessories, accessories, accessories. Some cordless drills come fully armed with flashlights, tape measures, multi tools, magnetic bit tip holders, stud finders or extra batteries, and they can even come in a package with a variety of other small tools. With the holidays coming, deals are just around the corner.

Household drills have gone from the heavy, corded beasts of our father to the lighter, inexpensive cordless versions we now have. Let Sears help you find the cordless drill you are looking for.

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