Inexpensive kitchen remodeling ideas, starting with stove tops

stove top for remodeling

You can remodel your kitchen for less money than you think. You just need to be creative, repurpose some items and prioritize your spending.

Most large appliances can last 15 years or more, so it's important to invest in high-quality appliances. Whether you're buying a countertop stove or a refrigerator, find a style that will stand the test of time.

Stainless steel is popular because it goes with any decor and is easily to take care of. Instead of bells and whistles, look for quality materials and construction. Ease of use should also be considered. A flat-top stove, for example, is easily cleaned. It will stay looking newer longer. Think about energy sources. Compare electric countertop stoves with gas stovetops.

Do you need stainless steel cabinets, or do you want the look of stainless steel? Metallic laminate is an option for stainless steel, copper and other materials. They're also available in various finishes like brushed stainless steel. If you'd like to do an affordable remodel of your kitchen, spruce up countertops and cabinets with paint, laminate and other materials less expensive than wood and granite. In a year or two, you can go back and replace cabinets and countertops with what you really want. That way, you can have the look you want now without shelling out the money in one lump sum.

Little remodeling touches make a big impact

Freshen up dated cabinets with a couple of coats of paint. If they're wood, strip and stain them. Replacing the hardware (hinges and drawer and door pulls) costs a little, but will make a big difference in the look of your cabinets. Leave a cabinet door or two off. Fill the shelves with pretty glasses or items you collect, such as all of your coffee cups now that you have a Keurig.

Speaking of a coffee maker, de-clutter your countertops by removing appliances you don't use every day. Containers can help you stay organized, along with drawer dividers and lazy Susans. You'll be surprised how much newer everything looks when the clutter's gone.

The kitchen, just like every room of your home, should reflect your personality and styles. If you're creative, you can add personal touches to your kitchen.

When redoing your cabinets, cover several with chalkboard paint. Have fun doodling grocery lists, weekly menus, recipes and more. If you love gardening, make earth tones and greens your color palette. Use upside planters for herbs. Store kitchen utensils in a watering can. Are you a quilter? Stencil a quilt pattern on a cabinet, preferably the largest one to have the most impact. Think of what you like and add it to the kitchen. Surf the Internet, flip through magazines and check out a few library books for inspiration. Invest your money in new appliances, such as a gas stovetop, and save money on cabinetry and countertops. When you?re budget?s limited, take the limits off your imagination.

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