Installation tips: LCD TV mounts are easier to do than you think

You have a new LCD TV, and we understand you're eager to set it up and start watching it. But the first thing you need to do when you prepare to mount your LCD TV from the ceiling or on a wall is to read the manufacturer's instructions. The second thing you need to do is reread the first sentence. The instructions are that important.

Many people who want to save floor space will mount a TV to the wall or the ceiling. You have a variety of options when it comes to mounting an LCD TV. Ceiling mount is common. If you choose to mount it on the ceiling, the pivoting arm will allow you to angle the TV toward different seating areas or away from glare. Keep in mind you will have to do all the work while on a ladder.

With an LCD TV wall mount, you will save floor space. Want to add storage space too? Try an LCD TV wall mount with shelf. You can even mount a TV in a little alcove in a wall; just follow the manufacturer's suggestions to make sure you leave enough ventilation space around the TV.


Choosing the tools and the bracket

Go through your toolbox and find all the tools you'll need before you get started. You don't want to be halfway through the installation and realize you don't have a necessary tool. The instructions will provide a list of what tools you will need. Typically, though, you'll need a stud finder, a drywall saw, measuring tape and a utility knife. Ask a buddy to come and help. If you have a friend who is also an electrician or computer guru, that's even better.

It's unlikely the mounting hardware is included with your TV; however, you will find mounting guidelines in your TV's owner's manual. It's important to ensure the mounting bracket will safely hold the weight of your TV. Each bracket will list the TV sizes suitable for that bracket. If you want to be able to move the TV once it's mounted, such as tilt it up or down or swivel it from side to side, read labels to make sure that the bracket you've chosen allows for that.

If you don't feel comfortable cutting and drilling into walls or hooking up and hiding wires and cables, then you need to consider hiring a professional to mount your TV. It will cost a bit more; however, it will save you peace of mind. Wouldn't you rather be sitting back reading on your Nook instead of choking on drywall dust? Not to mention the fact that, if you don't do it correctly, you'll end up with a mess on your hands and be out the expense of fixing your mistakes and calling a pro.

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