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Regardless of what type of sleepwear you feel most comfortable in, we have it here at Sears. Get stocked up on warm, soft pajama sets for those chilly nights or comfortable sleep shirts that make you want to stay in bed every morning when your alarm clock goes off. If you're feeling nostalgic, you can even get a pair of cozy footed pajamas in grown-up prints and sizes. And don't forget to check out our plush robes and slippers that make you feel like you're in a fancy hotel or spa every time you slip into them.

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Enjoy a diverse collection of comfortable sleepwear

You can't get a good night's sleep without something comfortable to wear to bed. At Sears, you'll find sleepwear designed to be as cozy as it is attractive. Whether you're looking for simple separates or a pretty one-piece nightgown, we have something for everyone. Starting with the basics will get you going on a collection of nightclothes that you can rely on every day.

It's a good idea to have some plain sleepwear for all times of year. No matter what climate you live in, weather is unreliable and can change without warning. A few short-sleeved pajama tops and some cotton sleep pants from Laura Scott or Heavenly Bodies ensure that you have something to wear during the months when the weather is just beginning to get warmer. Simple, attractive babydoll sets are perfect for staying cool on hot, humid nights. On the other hand, you don't want to be caught without something warm during the coldest times of year. Add a cozy robe and a thick pair of women's socks to your cold-weather collection so you can wrap up warm whenever necessary. Having a diverse collection ensures that you'll never be without just the right set of pajamas for whatever weather comes along.

Sleepwear isn't always utilitarian. There are times when you want to show off what you're wearing to bed. Covington and other brands make specialized shapewear, corsets and more for those nights when a plain set of pajamas just won't do. Take a look at what Sears has in stock from these brands when you want a more mature style for bedtime. If you're aiming for something between a standard nightdress and shapely lingerie, try a more subtle set from Joe Boxer or even Disney. These playful sleep separates combine cute designs with eye-catching colors for a nighttime look that's attractive without being too flirty.

Both lightweight sleepwear and lingerie items benefit from gentle washing and drying. Cottons, silks and similar materials need to be treated with care so that they don't lose shape from wash to wash. To keep your most delicate items looking their best, invest in some lingerie washing accessories such as mesh bags and air dryers. Whether it's a nightgown from Fundamentals or something fancier, it pays to treat all of your nightclothes well. Follow all washing instructions to get the best results and your favorite sleepwear should last for years.

From casual sleep sets to cozy nightdresses, you can't go wrong with a good collection of sleepwear. What you wear to bed influences how well you sleep, so you want to choose items that feel just right. Take a look at Sears for a variety of pajamas, sleep separates and more to make every night a good night.



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