Is an aluminum tool box the right tool caddy for you?

There are a wide variety of tool box styles and materials available on the market today. With such an array of metals, plastics and fabric options out there, it can be hard to know what type of tool box will fit your lifestyle. If you are someone who needs something lightweight to haul some basic tools, then an aluminum tool box may be right for you.

Aluminum diamond-plate tool boxes are all over home improvement stores and gracing the back of many truck beds, so you might think that this is the only option out there. If you do a little light work around the house or you do basic maintenance, this is probably the tool box for you. Aluminum is a lightweight metal that allows you to carry all the tools you need without too much added weight. Since tools are fairly heavy by themselves, aluminum tool boxes can help save your back if you have to lug them around your property. Most aluminum boxes are stamped with a diamond-plate design that looks nice and keeps it as rugged as possible. Since aluminum is a light metal, you may not want to use it for lugging around your heavy-duty power or woodworking tools. If these tools slide around too much, they can dent your box.

There are many styles of tool boxes available. If you are just doing light work around your property, you will probably want a simple box with a pull-out metal tray. This way, you can keep smaller tools handy and leave the larger stuff in the lower section of the box. If you have a large variety of smaller tools that you would like to keep organized, get a cantilevered box, which has cascading trays that pull out. You can also order custom aluminum tool boxes to carry or use in your truck if you need a more specific sorting style.


Tool box for your truck

You may also want to use aluminum tool boxes for trailers, trucks and other equipment. These boxes, like portable tool boxes, should be used for more lightweight tools and supplies. For example, many truck owners get aluminum tool boxes to store outdoor gear and groceries. Aluminum is resistant to rust, which makes it a great all-weather storage system that protects your belongings from sliding around the truck bed and inclement weather.

While aluminum is a great way to tote around a small amount of tools, you may not want the rigidity of a sharp-edged box. If this is the case for you, you might want to purchase a durable tool bag. Tool bags are now made out of heavy-duty rip-stop material that is flexible, lightweight and portable.

Aluminum is a versatile lightweight metal for a simple tool box. Whether you are looking for something to help you tote your hammer and nails, or something to keep them from sliding around your truck bed, Sears can help you find the right aluminum tool box for you.


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