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January Birthstones Have a Wide Range of Colors

The gorgeous garnet gemstone is traditionally linked with Capricorn and January births. The name arnetis derived from an ancient word for omegranate,and many garnets do cast a pomegranate-red hue. Still, this gem naturally occurs in a range of rich colors: Red, yellow, green, and purple stones are nestled in the Sears garnet collection. You can easily filter the many options by price, jewelry style, and stone color. For example, to display only garnet jewelry with a red tone, click the hodolitesubcategory.

Like many jewelry shoppers, youe likely seeking a special gift rather than shopping for yourself. For starters, the Sears garnet earring selection sparkles with suggestions. Earrings make a o-worriesgift because they fit anyone; theye even available in clip-on styles. Elegant garnet rings, necklaces, and bracelets are also ready to ship from Top designers like Peora and Goldia offer January birthstones set in myriad metals and designs: garnets ensconced in shimmering sterling silver, dangling from warm golden chains, and paired with complementary gems like diamonds and pearls.

Even if youe on a tight budget, plenty of affordable options are available from Sears. Many genuine birthstone gems, though beautiful, are relatively plentiful and thus aren too expensive. Additionally, simulated gemstones such as cubic zirconia, rhinestones, and synthetic garnet can easily be substituted for diamonds and other precious gems.

Finally, to protect your jewelry and other valuables, you might want to invest in a small safe. Sears carries a wide selection of traditional gray safes as well as cheerier-looking pink jewelry vaults by SafeKing and Actuator Systems. These modern "electronic jewelry boxes" can be opened with a pin code chosen by the owner.

Continue the age-old tradition of bestowing a birthstone jewel! Sears makes jewelry shopping a pleasure with excellent variety, exclusive deals, and top-class customer service.


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