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      September Birthstones Embrace the Blues

      Libra and September births are traditionally linked with the stunning sapphire gemstone. The sapphire range of rich blue hues is reminiscent of clear evening skies and deep, sparkling waters. It also strongly linked to the Libra traits of loyalty, honesty, and friendship. Sears supplies an alluring selection of sapphire birthstone jewelry: elegant rings, earrings, brooches, and other dazzling beauties.

      Birthstone jewelry makes a meaningful gift for people of all ages. For children, Sears features a variety of small-sized sapphire and simulated sapphire bracelets, stud earrings, rings, and anklets. Gold and silver heart-shaped lockets also tend to bring smiles to little faces.

      For women, this versatile blue stone is at home with velvet evening gowns and jeans alike. This helps make sapphires both a beautiful and practical jewelry gift. For inspiration, check out the Sears selection of sapphire earrings in every style, from stunning studs to beautiful pendant styles. Many combine the September birthstone with diamonds, rhinestones, and other gems.

      As a blue stone, sapphire is popular among men and women alike. It often the stone of choice in men wedding bands and other rings. Like diamonds, it also a gem that highlighted in Rolexes and other high-end wrist watches.

      Charm a loved one or treat yourself to the age-old gift of precious jewelry. By shopping at Sears, youl be assured of gorgeous variety and special values on sapphires, diamonds, and other precious gems.


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