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      Find Everything You Need To Care For Your Jewelry At Sears

      Jewelry is designed to last a very long time, especially when you properly store your pieces and care for them. Taking care of jewelry is easy at Sears, with our wide range of jewelry storage options as well as the cleaning and care products needed to keep all of your jewelry sparkling all year round.

      Choose various styles of jewelry boxes to store all of your jewelry. Find armoires that will stand on the floor to hold a tremendous amount of jewelry or select tabletop jewelry boxes. The armoires offer doors and drawers for you to hold rings, bracelets, earrings and other jewelry separately from each other and keep them in great condition. Select a jewelry box for men or women and make it easy to find the piece you want.

      Find musical jewelry boxes that play various types of music when you open the lid. Some jewelry boxes wind up while others feature different types of music players. Most jewelry boxes play classical music, but some will play a favorite theme song or a Christmas tune.

      Shop for childrens jewelry boxes as well. They are usually smaller and offer fun colors and themes to go with a childs favorite cartoon character. Some may contain a twirling ballerina in the middle when the lid is opened.

      Watch cases are specifically designed to hold many watches in a safe way. Choose a case with a glass front to select the watch before opening the lid or ones that are designed to hold cufflinks and other small accessories in addition to watches. Also, find travel watch sets to pack away your timepiece safely in a suitcase.

      Keeping jewelry clean is important. Choose from many care and cleaning products for various types of jewelry. Find jewelry cleaning machines with different settings as well as refills for the cleaning concentrate. Other cleaning products include silver jewelry wipes to take care of any tarnishing as well as other kits designed to care for watches, pearls and other types of jewelry.

      Shop Sears for various types of armoires and jewelry boxes to keep your jewelry and care products organized for sparkling jewelry all the time.


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