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Keep Your Jewelry Shining With Care And Cleaning Products

To keep your jewelry looking its best, get a variety of jewelry cleaners at Sears. Find easy-to-use wipes and liquid solutions to remove tarnish and dirt from your best jewelry. Most products come with instructions, so you'll know how to clean your jewelry and how often to do so.

If you're looking for a simple way to keep your jewelry clean, check out Sears' selection of cloths and wipes from Blitz. They offer reusable cloths that work well on gold and platinum. Wiping down your jewelry with these cloths removes tarnish and dirt, which brings back the natural shine of your accessories. They also have cloths for silver jewelry. Blitz makes disposable wipes that are great for travel, and they remove tarnish from gold, silver and platinum jewelry.

To clean your other delicate jewelry, get liquid cleaners from Blitz. They have special formulas for watches, gems and pearls. Their watch cleaning kits contain special formulas for watch bands that are gold, silver, platinum, stainless steel or leather. They also have micro-fiber cloths for cleaning the crystal face of your watch. If you have jewelry with pearls, stones or other semiprecious gems, get Blitz's gem and pearl cleaner. This solution restores a variety of materials, including opal, pearl, coral, birthstones, ivory and onyx.

At Sears, you'll find jewelry foam cleaners that are simple to use. Blitz Foamz brings the luster back to your diamond and gemstone jewelry. It comes in a mousse-like substance, so it is easy to clean all of your precious jewels. Thoroughly clean your jewelry with Sears' selection of steam cleaners. The high-temperature steam deodorizes and sanitizes your jewelry while removing dirt and other debris for a remarkable shine. Professionally clean your jewelry with these adjustable models that work well on gold, silver, platinum and gemstones.

To provide the ultimate care and protection for your jewelry, shop at Sears to get great products. Find everything you need for cleaning your gold, silver, watches, and gemstones.

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