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When you have more than a couple of watches, you don't want to let them all roll around in a dresser drawer, where they may damage each other and you may have a hard time finding the one you want to wear. Instead, check out our watch cases at Sears and find just the right one to organize and display your watches. Plus, keep them dust-free but visible with the help of a clear window. Most of our cases hold between 10 and 24 watches in one or more tiers, giving you plenty of space to store your collection.

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Watch Cases: Protect Your Collection

If you have one or more watches, you should consider a watch case to protect your jewelry investment. Watches can be damaged by dust or scratched by contact with other jewelry in a drawer. Sears offers you practical solutions like a Royce Leather watch box with separate compartments for each watch; find the watch you need with ease. Proper storage of your quality jewelry means protection from dust and scratches. Royce Leather is a quality brand that also makes combination cases for storing watches and cufflinks.

Goldia watch cases are another fine brand. Goldia cases come in black, brown, blue and cherry red. Choose smooth leather or snake texture. Some cases serve as all-purpose jewelry boxes, too, with compartments for earrings, rings and other fine jewelry items. Smaller travel cases for one or two watches are also available. Most cases have a clear window in the lid of the box so you can display your watches on your dresser if you like.

For your wind-up watches, choose an Accuratic watch winder to store your watches while keeping them ready for action. Accuratic cases keep your watches properly wound at all times with a variety of turns-per-day settings to suit any watch. You can store your watches and be assured of their accuracy until you need to wear them again. Choose black, white, yellow, red or royal blue.

Count on Sears to give you outstanding prices on watches and offer you the products you need to store and protect those watches. Your satisfaction is guaranteed, so buy yourself a quality watch case today. For a special gift, give a watch and a case; help somebody start their own watch collection.


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