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      Diamond Bracelets for Formal and Informal

      Extravagant diamond rings and necklaces look beautiful for formal occasions, but are hard to pull off with a T-shirt. You don't have to forsake diamonds during the day, though. Diamond bracelets go with casual and formal fashions, giving you a versatile jewelry wardrobe. Sears uses fully faceted diamonds at all ranges of total carat weight to make its bracelets sparkle. Sears' range of styles brings you elegant diamond designs that work in the boardroom or the ballroom.

      Tennis bracelets take their name from where they first appeared: on the arm of tennis star Chris Evert. The style features an unbroken flexible band of diamonds encircling your wrist; they're the bracelet equivalent of an eternity ring. Sleek and sophisticated, a tennis bracelet with one row of diamonds goes with anything from an evening gown to your favorite jeans. More elaborate variations have multiple rows of diamonds set in sinuous curves; these dramatic designs command attention. A sweetly romantic take on the tennis bracelet is the "hugs and kisses" bracelet. Links shaped like X's separate round diamond O's; together, they form an endless band of hugs and kisses.

      Beautiful bangles have a rigid structure that slips over the hand. You can wear individual bangles, but the style's made for stacking. These attention-getting ornaments set off sleeveless designs. Sears' collection of diamond bangle bracelets range from slim bands with a few diamond accents to dramatic cuffs paved with gems. Combine a few diamond-embellished bangles and enjoy the way they chime against one another as you move.

      If you're looking for a gift that you can build on for years to come, choose a diamond charm bracelet from Sears. These bracelets feature chunky chains to which you can affix multiple small charms. Buy the bracelet for one birthday and celebrate future special occasions with a new charm. You don't need to wait to get a charm bracelet as a gift, either; buy one for yourself and personalize it with your own choice of meaningful charms.

      Sears also features longer diamond bracelets for a more generous fit. You'll enjoy the freedom of motion you'll have in a bracelet that fits your wrist as well as your sense of style. Simple, but dramatic designs won't look lost on a larger frame.

      Sears has diamond bracelets in dozens of styles. Pick a single bracelet to grace your wrist, adorn yourself with a stack of bangles, or buy an endless circle of symbolic hugs and kisses for someone you love.


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