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Sterling Silver

Whether you're looking to dress out a casual outfit or add an elegant sparkle to a formal dress, you can't go wrong with a sterling silver bracelet from Sears. The cool shine of sterling silver makes it the perfect match for just about any color and cut of clothing. Stack thin silver bangles and dangling silver charms for a layered effect that complements a flowing skirt peasant top and shawl outfit. If you'd prefer to wear just one, match a heavy silver cuff bracelet with small sterling silver earrings for a striking statement that forms the centerpiece of your look. Shop top jewelry makers like Sabrina Silver, Jewelry Adviser and FindingKing to find the style of silver bracelet you're looking for right here.

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Sterling Silver Jewelry Wears Well and Lasts Long

The flash of gold bracelets has its appeal, but if you love the subtle gleam of sterling silver jewelry, Sears has a peerless selection of silver for you or someone you love. Silver's mellow shine flatters every skin tone and effortlessly blends with other jewelry in your wardrobe. Of all the precious metals, silver is the least expensive, yet it always looks rich. Some jewelers call silver a living metal because it looks better the more you wear it; it will never tarnish as long as it touches your skin. Silver bracelets are bewitchingly feminine with a midnight blue gown or make a surprising accent with neutral colors.

Because of its affordable price and soft shine, sterling silver has become a traditional metal for luxurious baby gifts including baby bracelets. A precious metal bracelet makes an elegant shower gift that a child can treasure all her life until it's time to pass the heirloom to her own children. Smoothly rounded shapes make Sears' collection of sterling silver baby bracelets as practical as they are beautiful. Engrave the child's name and birthdate on an ID-style bracelet for an even more personal treasure or as sweetly humorous gifts for a pair of twins.

Silver bracelets also make beautiful gifts for children. The precious metal stands up to a child's active lifestyle. Fun designs featuring animal themes, hearts and flowers appeal to her youthful tastes, while smaller sizes fit her wrist comfortably.

Sterling silver bracelets aren't just for the younger set either. Sophisticated cuffs in everything from traditional filigree to modern swirls and curves look elegant enough for evening. Because silver spans the gap between casual and dressy, these bold cuffs work well for daytime wear, too. Pair them with a crisp white shirt or leave a fitted cuff peeking from beneath a tailored jacket sleeve. Wear silver by itself or pair it with sparkling diamond jewelry like earrings and necklaces. You can go with plain silver or browse Sears' collection of cuffs and bangles adorned with gems, gold or crystals.

If you're wearing your silver bracelet on your right hand, you can match it with an elegant sterling silver watch on the left. Slim and Stylish silver ladies' watches from Seiko, Suntime and Eziba Collection are the perfect complement to your new bracelet

Whatever your style, Sears has the silver bracelet you want to wear, to give as a gift or to cherish as a family heirloom. At Sears' prices, you can give a lavish gift of silver and have enough to buy yourself something lovely too.


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