How to Buy Jewelry: Get a Jewelry Buying Walkthrough - Sears

Whether you're picking up a present for your best friend's birthday, celebrating a big anniversary or looking for a piece to declare your true love, nothing makes a statement like the right ring, necklace or pair of earrings. That special someone may swoon when she opens the box, but before that happens you'll first have to pick the right piece for the occasion. Don't make a jewelry gift faux pas; work through our handy jewelry buying infographic to find an appropriate gift for every time and place.

The most significant jewelry purchase you'll ever make is the diamond engagement ring. After all, just one little ring has to show your significant other how much you love her, and also serve as a symbol of your enduring commitment. It's also an expensive purchase, as a diamond engagement ring can cost three months' pay or more. All in all it's a high-pressure decision, which is why Sears is here to help with a handy walkthrough of which diamond ring to purchase. You may think you know your gal's sense of style best, but getting her input on the ring is an absolute necessity! If she's a fashion-forward lady, she'll love our stylish princess cut diamonds mounted in sleek white gold or platinum. If she prefers traditional styling, stick with a solitaire round-cut diamond set in classic yellow gold.

An engagement is a happy occasion, but a marriage that's lasted down through the decades paints a true picture of enduring love. Whether you're looking for an anniversary present for your partner of many years, or you're celebrating the long marriage of a couple of dear friends, Sears makes it easy to buy an appropriate jewelry gift that also reflects the personality of the giver. Got a 10th anniversary coming up? It's the perfect time to update the symbol of your love with an upgraded diamond ring. Made it to your 30th? Celebrate a life shared with the one you love with a pair of pearl earrings made just for her.

Don't forget that smaller occasions are also perfect opportunities to show how much you care with jewelry gifts. Giving a set of birthstone jewelry for a friend's birthday is a great way to send a personalized present that reflects the character of the recipient. Whether you settle on a red ruby for your passionate pal, an iridescent opal for your loving friend or a purple amethyst for that loyal companion who's never let you down, Sears shows you how to buy birthstone jewelry for any friend. Make sure you're buying the appropriate jewelry gift no matter the occasion with the jewelry buying infographic at Sears. Once you've picked out the perfect choice, shop our jewelry department to find exactly the present you want to give to the ones you love.