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Pendants and Necklaces for Kids to Look Cool

Children's necklaces and pendants are a great way for kids to express their individuality. Many of the necklaces are available in white or yellow gold, as well as sterling silver. The pendants range from religious items like crosses and medals to fun fashion charms featuring favorite characters. Sears has hundreds of necklaces and pendants for every occasion and personal style.

Sears offers numerous brand names in children's necklaces. Disney has pendants featuring many beloved characters such as Tinkerbell, Mickey Mouse, and Bambi. Several of the styles also have diamond accents. Disney Princess necklaces are very popular with young children, and there are many styles that have tiaras or the word "Princess" in fancy script. For older kids, there are lines of charms and dog tags from both Hannah Montana and High School Musical.

K'Dorable has religious pendants like crosses, prayer boxes, angels, and medals. They are perfect for religious occasions such as communions, as well as every day wear. These pendants are sterling silver and several of them have enamel accents. K'Dorable also offers sterling silver and enamel charms of animals like turtles, butterflies and dolphins.

An elegant line of necklaces and pendants for children is offered from DiamondPrincess. In addition to religious charms and crosses, DiamondPrincess has necklaces with features such as diamonds, mother-of-pearl accents, and pearls. The styles range from youth pendants like teddy bears and flowers, to more sophisticated designs for teens like open hearts and lock-and-key charms. DiamondPrincess is also well-known for its boy and girl pendants in silver and gold. The charms feature a faceless boy or girl in various profiles, with a baseball cap or bow on the head of the child. This style is wildly popular with kids of all ages.

Sears offers a wide selection of children's necklaces and pendants that are perfect for every occasion. Whether your child wants to wear a casual necklace for school, or a fancier necklace for a party or event, there are hundreds of styles to suit your every need.



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