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      Children's Watches for Any Age, Boy or Girl

      Watches are a grown-up accessory, but kids love them. They signify that most important of big-kid steps, telling time. At Sears, you'll find a huge selection of children's fashion watches that will let your child express his or her personality and tell the world that he has achieved an important milestone in his education, and in life.

      Sears' selection of children's watches includes watches for boys from great brands like LEGO and watches for girls from brands including Hello Kitty.

      If your child loves sports, Sears offers NCAA watches that celebrate the best in college athletics. For on-the-go kids who love vibrant colors and easy-to-read digital displays, PixelModa offers a wide variety of watches in colors ranging from baby blue to vibrant pink.

      If your child prefers his watch to be fun and funky, Clic Time features Lego-inspired wristwatches featuring plenty of neat details, including characters from "Star Wars" and brilliant colors, all in chunky designs that are big enough to read quickly and cool enough to wear everyday. Plus, Sears has plenty of fashionable LCD watches that will make telling time easy day or night.

      Regardless of if you have a daughter who likes to wear princess-inspired styles of a rough-and-tumble little boy who prefers playing with LEGO's, you'll find the perfect watch for your child in the Sears children's jewelry department. With stylish brands that are durable and priced right, there's no better place to look for your child's new wristwatch. Come into the Sears children's fashion watch department, and discover why Sears is the best place to buy your child's new watch.


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