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      Be bolder and brighter wearing fashion necklaces

      Don't settle for being shy when you can light up the room wearing fashion necklaces from Sears. Be bolder and brighter when you dress up any outfit with one of our dazzling fashion necklaces. Our selections include the most popular styles, like statement necklaces, chokers, teardrops and cluster necklaces. Geometrics are always in demand as are multi-strand beaded and pendant necklaces.

      Wearing a beautiful necklace draws desirable attention, so you become the star of the event. This can be done with many jewelry styles, but our seed and bib necklaces are some of the boldest you can find. Select a beautiful monotone or dazzling color combination to brighten up your outfit. Select faux pearl, rhinestone or a classic pendant cross for dressier affairs. When your party is a casual evening event, try one of our colorful glow necklaces to surprise the guests. We also stock many striking fashion bracelets to match your other jewelry. Choose traditional styles for elegance, or select colorful stretch, bangle or charm styles to make a bold statement. Wearing affordable fashion jewelry is a great way to add color and excitement to an ordinary outfit, or to make that move up to a formal look.

      Wearing an attractive necklace can brighten up your total look, and add color or sparkle to your outfit. A classic string of pearls is always in style, as are colorful faux stone necklaces. We have some playful necklaces to wear for fun, like personalized nameplate debutante necklaces. Necklace lengths vary from choker styles to long pendants. Add one of our dazzling jewelry pins or brooches to make a bold fashion statement. Choose gold, silver, enamel, or gemstones to brighten up a simple outfit. If you want classic jewelry, we have necklaces that feature hearts, angels, flowers and other popular designs, all affordably priced for every budget.

      Start by selecting a necklace in your favorite color of the rainbow, or choose a gold or silver one, and then match it up with more jewelry to complete your fashion statement. Not only does your Sears store carry hundreds of fashion necklaces in stock, we stock hundreds of other pieces of trendy jewelry to complement your favorites. Our collection of fashion earrings contains every style you could imagine, in colors that will go perfectly with your necklaces and bracelets. It has never been easier to assemble a matching set of jewelry from head to toe. Shop Sears for the latest fashion jewelry at prices everyone can afford.

      No one can ignore the beauty of our fashion jewelry, and no one will ignore you wearing our beautiful fashion necklaces and other accessory jewelry. Be the shining star in gorgeous jewelry every day; be bolder and brighter and enjoy your time in the spotlight. Order current styles, popular designs and colors of jewelry at our affordable prices; have everything delivered, or pick up your jewelry at your nearest Sears location.


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