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      Multi-Gemstone Pendants And Necklaces Add Color To Your Style

      Find a great selection of gemstone pendants and necklaces at Sears to add color to your wardrobe. They have a large selection of stones to choose from, like pearl, aquamarine, jade and more. Coordinate your outfit with your favorite gemstones in the styles you like.

      Sears carries many pearl pendants and necklaces. Match these pearl strands to your attire when selecting from many colors, such as pink, chocolate, blue and champagne. They offer mother of pearl pendants depicting crosses, dolphins or hearts. Choose your favorite silver or gold metals to hang these classic pieces around your neck.

      Sears offers a variety of aquamarine pendants and necklaces. This light blue stone looks elegant with sterling silver or white gold chains. Create a classic appeal by adorning your neck with teddy bear, heart-shaped or circular pendants. Some designs contain diamond or cubic zirconia accents that blend in with the aquamarine.

      Get creative with jade pendants from Sears. They offer various colors, like green, black and lavender, in unique shapes and designs. Bring good luck with Buddha, dragon and oriental symbol pendants hanging from yellow gold chains. Accent your everyday attire by choosing designs with leaves, frogs or crosses.

      Make your accents stand out by getting pendants and necklaces with multiple gemstones. Combine pearl and quartz beads on twisted strands that sit perfectly on your neckline. Sears carries pendants that contain different gemstones, such as amethyst, malachite, ruby and mystic topaz. With the multiple colors, these pendants will go with any outfit.

      Bring color into your attire with Sears' gemstone pendants and necklaces. Shop today to get accessories containing your favorite colors and accents.


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