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Gemstone Jewelry Adds Color to Your Collection

Sears offers a large selection of gemstone jewelry to fill your collection with color. Find bracelets, earrings, pendants and rings containing your favorite gemstones. Coordinate your attire with specific colors, or get multiple gemstones for a fun look.

Get beautiful gemstone bracelets from Sears for all occasions. They have bangles and tennis bracelets containing amethyst, sapphire, ruby and citrine with diamond accents. Choose cubic zirconia cuffs with assorted gemstones in either silver or gold tones. The multi-pack pearl bracelets with elastic bands allow you to change your look everyday.

Sears has many dazzling gemstone earrings in the styles you like. Wear dangles, drops and chandeliers with suspended gemstones for an elegant appeal. Pick out your birthstone on studs or hoops set in sterling silver, white gold or yellow gold for an everyday look you'll love. Sears has several fashion earrings with many shades of quartz and Venetian glass.

Wrap your neck in various gemstone pendants and necklaces for a colorful effect. Sears offers a variety of pearl strands in multiple colors to wear as solo pieces. Choose a shaped pendant in your favorite gemstone to express your personality. There are hearts, animals and crosses to select from in ruby, opal, sapphire and other colorful gems.

Complete your collection with Sears' gemstone rings, available in multiple sizes. Get cushion, checkerboard or round cut gemstones in silver or gold settings. Sears offers solitaires with crystal, cz or diamond accents to bring out the color of these gemstones. Also, find multi-stone rings with different gems to add a variety of colors to your outfit.

With such a wide variety of styles, colors, gemstones and precious metals to choose from in the Sears online jewelry store, it can be difficult to figure out exactly which particular piece you want. Let Sears be your guide to buying fine jewelry. Read up on the best ways to match jewelry to outfits, as well as the right occasions to wear certain gemstones. Looking jewelry gift ideas? Give a piece with personal significance by picking the right birthstone for his or her birth month. Give the right jewelry gift for every occasion with our jewelry buying guide.

See all the gemstones that Sears' has to offer in their jewelry collection. Shop today to find coordinating pieces for your wardrobe, and choose your favorite gemstones to create a new look everyday.