Keep the Sniffles Away This Winter: Find the Best Kids' Winter Coats and Outerwear

How many times have your kids run out into the cold without first putting on their winter coats? As exasperating as it may be, the important thing for you to remember as a parent is that kids won't do anything they find uncomfortable. If they are leaving their winter coats hanging up in the closet, it might be because they don't like how the coats fit, or perhaps the coats feel confining or itchy to them. Make sure your kids are wrapped up against the cold this winter with new properly fitting boys' and girls' outerwear from Sears. With so many styles to choose from, it's easy to find winter jackets and coats that both you and your kids will love.

When you're buying kids' coats for cold weather, the first thing to do is to make sure you're buying the right size. Winter boys' and girls' clothing should fit snugly at neck and wrists without being so tight that it's uncomfortable. The body of the coat should leave enough room for layers like undershirts, sweaters and hoodies. When you're buying coats for kids, avoid the temptation of buying a size larger because you think your kids will grow into it; a jacket that's too big will puff out away from the body and will not keep in body heat on cold days.

Buying Kid's Jackets for Fall Weather

Now that you've figured out the right size of coat to buy for your child, the next thing to do is to figure out just how cold it gets in your area, and the right types of children's coats for your temperature range. If brisk, breezy days are as cold as it ever gets where you live, then a kid's windbreaker is the right choice. These light jackets come with a fleece inner lining sewn into a wind-resistant outer nylon outer shell. They are a comfortable, easy-to-wear jacket for not-so-cold days. When it gets a little chillier, your kid can keep wearing their favorite windbreaker if you add multiple layers underneath for extra insulation.

Kid's hoodies are another good choice for cool days. These versatile garments combine the warmth of a thick sweatshirt with an insulated hood, making them the right garment if you're in a hurry to get your kid dressed and out the door. The hood is attached right to the shirt, which is perfect for forgetful kids; there's no way they can forget their hats at school or on the bus this way. Hoodies work well to keep in body heat when worn under a light jacket or windbreaker. 

Warding off the Chill: Get Down Coats and Fleece Jackets for the Coldest Days

As autumn shades into winter and the days get shorter and colder, you'll want to send your kids out the door with the warmest clothes possible. Your choices for cold weather kid's outerwear basically come down to down jackets versus fleece jackets. Down jackets are made by quilting a thick layer of synthetic fiber, goose feather or other insulating material between two layers of nylon. This construction gives your child superb protection from the cold, but also causes the coat to poof out from the body. Many children find the feel of a down jacket to be overly restrictive and stuffy and may not want to wear one for this reason. Also, down jackets cause the wearer to heat up very quickly, meaning your kid might be tempted to take it off during outdoor play.

Children's fleece jackets are not as warming as down jackets are, but they are more form-fitting and comfortable to most kids. They are similar to a thicker windbreaker in construction, with a fleece lining sewn into a nylon outer shell. The choice between a down and fleece jacket will come down to a balance between your child's tolerance for discomfort and his or her need for warmth. A non-fussy child who gets cold easily will be comfortable in a down jacket, while a more energetic kid with higher body temperature might prefer a fleece.

Even the warmest girls' and boys' outerwear is useless if your kids won't wear it, or if they abandon it right outside your front door. By shopping for outerwear alongside your kids and giving them a say in the decision, you can ensure that they'll love wearing their new coat as much as you love seeing them in it. Make sure your children are warm and healthy in the cold outdoors with winter girls' and boys' clothing from Sears.

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