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Kenmore-7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer with Vacuum Sealer Bundle
Kenmore 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer with Vacuum Sealer Bundle
7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer with Vacuum Sealer Bundle Includes:-7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer-Vacuum SealerOptional:-Vacuum Seal Bags-Freezer Tote
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 Vacuum Sealers
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Kenmore White Vac Seal N Save Food Vacuum Sealer FSKNSL3255-000
  • Kenmore White Vac Seal N Save Food Vacuum Sealer FSKNSL3255-000
  • | Sears Item# 00828515000 | Model# FSKNSL3255-000
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  • White Vac Seal N Save Food Vacuum Sealer FSKNSL3255-000

    Vac Seal N Save Saves You Money on Groceries and Saves Flavor in Your FoodNo more wasted food, no more freezer burn or food going bad or losing its flavor when you use the Kenmore Vac Seal N Save food-and money-saver. Ordinary storage methods, from plastic containers to plastic zipper-closed bags, serve their purpose, but they can't remove the trapped air that causes food to lose flavor and important nutrients. This convenient, simple-to-use vacuum food sealer draws the air out of specially designed bags and creates an air-tight seal that preserves your food's freshness and flavor. Food lasts longer and there's less spoilage for you to throw away. Great for re-packaging large containers of meat from the grocery store into meal-size servings before storing in the freezer, storing leftovers or creating single-size meal or snack packages. The uses are endless. The Vac Seal N Save from Kenmore features two vacuum speed settings, an extra-wide, air-tight sealing strip that helps lock in flavor, and a built-in roll storage and cutter that enables you to make custom-size storage bags to fit anything from steaks and chops to snack-size packages of trail mix or candy. Now you can combine the cost-savings of buying in bulk with the convenience of smaller, individualized packaging.

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    Optional: Vacuum Bags
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    Kenmore Seal-N-Save Uncut 8''W Roll
    • Kenmore Seal-N-Save Uncut 8''W Roll
    • | Sears Item# 00869044000 | Model# T01-0102-01
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    • Seal-N-Save Uncut 8"W Roll

      Preserve food freshness and flavor up to five times longer than traditional food storage methods with Kenmore Seal-n-Save vacuum packaging bags. The 5-ply material is uniquely designed for maximum air removal and food protection and protects against freezer burn. The roll material can be cut to exact size needed so there is no waste.

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