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      easy. fast. powerful.

      Complete Start™, Turn Tight™ and V-Twin Engines

      Check out Craftsman tractor innovation in action.

      Craftsman tractors are simple to start, easy to maneuver and fast to the finish line.

      • Complete Start simplified starting lets you ditch the keys. Just punch in your code and go.
      • Turn Tight's industry-leading 6-in. turning radius reduces the need for hand trimming.
      • 7.5 MPH Top Mowing Speed gets the job done quicker so you can get on with your day.
      • Briggs & Stratton or Kohler V-Twin Engines tackle hilly terrain, heavy hauling and snow removal with power to spare.
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        the new way to mow

        All-Wheel-Drive , EZ Store™, My Stride™ and Quiet Power Technology

        Craftsman mowers are easier and quieter to use than ever before.

        • All Wheel Drive provides superior traction on the toughest terrain while the EZ Store Handle makes bag removal, height adjustment and storage a snap.
        • My Stride Pace Control automatically matches the mower's speed to your stride.
        • Quiet Power Technology delivers Briggs & Stratton's quietest mower engine* without compromising cutting performance. *Available in North America.
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        Check out Craftsman mower innovation in action.

          Quick, quiet and cost effective.

          Grip & Go™, Quiet Sense™ Technology and PerfectMix™

          Check out Craftsman pressure washer innovation in action.

          Craftsman pressure washers start easily and wash quietly.

          • Briggs & Stratton's Grip & Go Technology powers the washer on and off right from the trigger for easier starting, longer pump life and less noise.
          • Quiet Sense Automatic Throttle Control runs 40% quieter when the trigger is released.
          • PerfectMix Soap System gives you the perfect detergent mixture every time.
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            Ditch the gas can.

            40V String Trimmer, Hedge Trimmer, Blower and Mower

            Check out Craftsman 40V innovation in action.

            Craftsman's heavy-hitting 40V Lithium-Ion battery delivers long-running, fade-free power to a full range of yard tools.

            • 40V String Trimmer goes from trimming to edging with a quick flip of the one-touch automatic line feed head.
            • 40V Hedge Trimmer's 24-in. dual-action blades and rotating rear handle mean fewer passes and more comfort.
            • 40V Blower cranks out wind speeds up to 150 MPH while weighing just 5.5 lbs. Dial it up or dial it down with infinitely-adjustable wind speed control.
            • 40V Mower delivers superior mulching without the gas can.
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              Ruggedly durable. Fully customizable.

              VersaTrack™ and Hooktite™ Technology, PLUS 3 Material Options

              Craftsman's innovative materials and accessories organize and protect every last tool and toy.

              • VersaTrack and Hooktite Accessories maximize your outdoor storage with a versatile, fully-customizable system.
              • Craftsman Wood/Plastic Composite offers heavy-duty strength with a 10-year warranty.
              • Craftsman Vinyl-Coated Steel delivers long-lasting, scratch-resistant performance with a 15-year warranty.
              • Craftsman Resin sheds provide weather-resistant performance and rugged durability.
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              Check out Craftsman outdoor storage innovation in action.