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      If dust, harsh winds and pouring rain make four-wheeling a drag, then look into attaching ATV cabs to your all-terrain vehicles for fun that continues year-round. These ATV attachments from Sears easily hook onto your roll bar or attach as stand-alone accessories in minutes. This way, you can enjoy the use of your ATV during any season as a weather barrier that protects both you and your ATV. These cloth-and-plastic constructions are durable, waterproof and easy to clean which means you can continue your property maintenance or weekend activities no matter what it looks like outside.

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      Let ATV cabs protect you from the elements while you work

      If you use your ATV for more than just four-wheeling, you might find that you have to adapt it a little to fit your needs. ATVs are great for helping out with yard work and property maintenance, but you may be stuck out in some pretty crummy weather when you're making repairs or planting for the growing season. However, you can now get a variety of ATV accessories that help to protect you (and your gear) from the elements as you drive from task to task. ATV cabs are a great all-around way to protect your seat and handlebars as well as shield you from the elements.

      ATV cabs come in all shapes and sizes to protect you from a variety of elements. You'll probably want to start by attaching a roll bar to your ATV. Most cabs easily attach to the roll bar in a few quick steps. If you don't have a roll bar, you can look into a cab that uses its own supports, but know that it won't stand up to stronger winds. ATV cabs that attach to your roll bar will stay put in rain, wind and snow alike. If you just want a sun shade, you can still attach it to the top of your roll bar so it makes an open cab arrangement. You don't have to mess with doors or zippers and you won't have to worry about wiping off the windshield. If you only purchase a sun shade, but want to extend the use of your ATV into the colder months, you may want to consider ATV windshields, ATV seat covers and heated ATV grips to help ensure maximum comfort while you're outside outside.

      If you prefer an all-weather cab, then get one that fits on your roll bar. Your cab should be made with a water-resistant fabric such as rip-stop nylon or vinyl, with clear vinyl windows and windshields. While ATV cabs aren't typically made from solid materials, the support of your roll bar should be enough to keep your cab in place in even the most troublesome weather. Not only does the cab protect you, but also it protects your handlebars and seat from snow and rain. This can help avoid the need for an ATV cover, and it can also ensure that you won't have to sit in a wet seat first thing in the morning. The cab does shield your ATV from the sun as well, and it keeps you protected from both the sun's rays and any harsh winds. While a facemask can help, a cab makes sure to keep windburn at bay.

      Protect your ATV and yourself with a great cab. Sears offers a variety of cabs in sun shade and full cover options, as well as freestanding accessories like windshields and heated grips. Come browse our great selection of name brand cabs that will offer the durability and protection you need to get those yard chores done in no time.


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