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ATV Attachments

ATV attachments allow you to tackle a variety of lawn and garden jobs

An all-terrain vehicle is a great way to get around when you have a large yard and garden. A lawn tractor is better suited for mostly flat terrain, but an ATV will take you over hills, down inclines and across ditches. Adding a hitch will allow you to hook up a number of attachments to your ATV so that you can tackle a variety of lawn and garden jobs.

With ATV winch kits, you won't have to worry about fallen trees or branches after a big summer or winter storm. A winch can lift or pull 1,000 pounds or more. If you get the ATV stuck in the mud, a winch will get you out in no time.

Attach a trailer to the ATV and you can haul that chopped up fallen tree to the back porch for firewood. After running the branches through a chipper, you can haul them to the compost pile. Fill the trailer with any fieldstones you find when tilling and plowing the garden. Then you can transport the stones to your front yard to line your driveway or special landscaping features. You can also use the stones to build a water feature. Take garden supplies from the shed to the garden by using the trailer. Come harvest time, fill your trailer with the fresh produce and head to the house, where you can prepare to can or freeze the food.

In addition to trailers, we have ATV gear covers, windshields, rear windows and enclosures. The rugged material of the cover is water-repellent and UV-resistant; it will keep your ATV clean and dry when you're not using it. If you have just about every attachment and all kinds of accessories on your ATV (rack extensions, snowplows, spreaders, gamer carriers and more), the oversized cover will still go over it with ease. Thanks to the elastic cord, it stays in place. Use the nylon storage case with a drawstring so the cover can go wherever your ATV goes. If you don't need that much coverage, you can just purchase an ATV seat cover.

ATV enclosures will keep you warm and out of the snow and ice when you use the plow blade to remove snow in the winter. Add chains to the wheels and your ATV will have added traction in that snow. Sears knows that ATV owners want to take full advantage of the vehicle and provides the attachments and accessories you need when tackling lawn and garden projects.

Just as we sell a variety of ATV add-ons, check out our miscellaneous tractor attachments. Tractor attachments from tillers to aerators and everything in between, can help your lawn tractor live up to its potential as more than just another lawn mower. Use your tractor hitch to hook up a load of lawn trimmings or spreader full of salt and sand over the winter.