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      Leaf Blowers Cut Cleanup Time Down To Size

      A well-designed lawn or leaf blower makes short work of many jobs around the yard. Without a decent leaf blower, cleanups can take hours. Luckily, Sears carries a fantastic assortment of top-quality leaf and lawn blowers and other power tools from today's most respected brands. These machines simplify everyday yard work, which allows homeowners to kick up their feet for a few extra hours at a time.

      Amid Sears' exciting array of leaf blowers, Toro electric blowers and similar models are immensely popular. These handheld tools feature many unique characteristics that make them worthwhile investments. For example, three-in-one models are available. These models blow, shred and vacuum away debris quickly and easily. Converting these kinds of blowers is a snap, too. In effect, a person gets three tools for the price of one with these well-designed handheld power tools.

      It's easy to find blowers from today's most popular brands in Sears' lineup. Popular sellers include products like Craftsman handheld blowers. Many of these tools pull double-duty as vacuums, too, which makes it even easier to clean up a yard. Their lightweight designs keep fatigue to a minimum. Because they feature quiet operation, they aren't as likely to bother neighbors. Comfort-grip handles and anti-vibration technology enhance the ease of using these tools.

      When it comes to lightweight effectiveness, Poulan gas blowers and similar products are great choices. Noise is kept to a minimum with these blowers. Because they are so light, they are easy to carry around for long periods of time. Professional-grade blower nozzles bolster the efficiency and effectiveness of these types of blowers. It's little wonder that they tend to fly off the shelves.

      For hands-free operation, many people opt for well-designed backpack blowers. These kinds of blowers are worn like backpacks; the only thing that needs to be handled is a lightweight wand. Ergonomic harnesses help to prevent backaches and strain. Padded straps add to the comfort of these blowers and make them perfect for exceptionally large jobs and yards. People who have a hard time carrying objects for long periods of time will appreciate the convenience of these blowers.

      Sears' lawn and leaf blowers have the features and designs that busy people need at prices that they can afford. With a well-designed leaf or lawn blower on hand, it's much simpler to clean up in the aftermath of a major amount of landscaping. From three-in-one styles to exceptionally convenient backpack designs, Sears has blowers that make yard work easier.


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